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Native Americans can't always cash in on casinos

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Gambling movies indigenous americans

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The MSU Libraries own many more streaming videos besides the ones listed to the right. Kanopy Native American Film Collection , currently featuring streaming films.

View the entire Kanopy Film Catalog. This collection provides award-winning documentaries with relevance across the curriculum—race and gender studies, human rights, globalization and global studies, multiculturalism, international relations, criminal justice, the environment, bioethics, health, political science and current events, psychology, arts, literature, and more. It presents points of view and historical and current experiences from diverse cultures and traditions world-wide.

This release now provides titles, equaling approximately hours. This collection currently contains This release includes videos totalling roughly hours. It too contains many videos relating to indigenous peoples around the world, a few of which are listed under Native American Documentary Films.

Be sure to check this resource as well if you are interested in streaming videos about Native Americans in Canada and Latin America. A few examples include:. Covers both books and journal articles. The Catalog includes information about productions, the mediamakers and actors who created them, and the film and media organizations that support their creation. Alcatraz is Not an Island. American Cowboys. Broken Rainbow. The Buffalo War. Choctaw Code Talkers. Coming to light : Edward S.

Curtis and the North American Indians. Crazy Horse - The Last Warrior. Dead reckoning : Champlain in America. Don't get sick after June : American Indian healthcare.

The Exiles. Fry Bread Babes. Geronimo and the Apache Resistance. A Good Day to Die. Half of Anything. Harold of Orange. Last Stand at Little Big Horn. The Long Walk : Tears of the Navajo. Miss Navajo. Native Americans : a tribute. On Sacred Ground. Playing for the World. Pocahontas : Ambassador of the New World.

Reel Injun. Romance of a Vanishing Race. Sitting Bull - Chief of the Lakota Nation. The Thick Dark Fog. A Thousand Roads. The Trail of Tears. Cherokee Legacy. Transitions : Destruction of the Mother Tongue. The War That Made America. Without reservations : notes on racism in Montana.

The world of American Indian dance. Movies can be checked out unless reserved for a class. In 6 Generations, her family reaches back to the days the Spanish arrived in Santa Barbara and made first contact.

Ernestine tells this history from the perspective of her female ancestors, making her a unique link with the past Famous anthropologist John Peabody Harrington, whose work focused on native peoples of California, started research with her family in and continued with three generations for nearly 50 years.

This inspired Ernestine's mother to begin taking notes and, combined with mission records which survived intact from the late s , they form the heart of this story. Because of these circumstances, her story, possible only in California, is unique in America. The impact of loss of land, language, culture and life itself is made all the more clear as this story is told in Native American voices, who describe the events as they experienced them.

Ultimately, it is a story of survival and the fierce endurance of Ernestine's ancestors, particularly the women. A companion book is also available in the Main Library stacks. Across the Americas : Indigenous Perspectives. Streaming video via Kanopy. In preparation for the Columbus Quincentennial, Native men and women came to the highlands of Ecuador to take part in the First Continental Conference of Indigenous Peoples. Columbus Didn't Discover Us features interviews with participants, filmed at this historic gathering, representing a wide spectrum of Indian nations from North, South, and Central America.

This documentary is a moving testimony about the impact of the Columbus legacy on the lives of indigenous peoples from across the hemisphere. Native people speak about the devastation of their cultures resulting from the "European Invasion," contemporary struggles over land and human rights, the importance of reviving spiritual traditions, and the need to alert the world to the environmental crises threatening the survival of the planet.

Columbus Didn't Discover Us is an essential primer for understanding the Columbus legacy — past and present — from an indigenous point of view. Arctic to Amazonia the second film From the Arctic to the Amazon, much of our world's fragile ecosystem is at risk.

Multinational corporations and government development projects often engage in practices which threaten not only the environment, but the survival of indigenous cultures.

To discuss this growing problem, representatives of Native communities from around the world came to Smith College to attend the week-long Arctic to Amazonia Tribal Lands Conference. Arctic to Amazonia features Native activists from North and South America presenting first-hand information on the impact of industrial development upon their land and cultures. They review the history of European colonization in the Americas, critique destructive patterns of consumerism, and contrast indigenous perspectives on the environment with corporate world views.

In excerpts from speeches presented at the conference, indigenous representatives talk about the struggles of Native communities to protect their land against ecological destruction. These battles range from northern Quebec, where the Cree and Inuit peoples are fighting massive hydro-dam projects, to Arizona, where the Havasupai oppose plans to mine uranium near the Grand Canyon, to the Brazilian jungles, where numerous Amazonian peoples have won important victories in the campaign to protect the tropical rain forest.

As the threat of global environmental disaster looms over us, mainstream society can learn much from Native peoples. Arctic to Amazonia is an effective catalyst for discussion of environmental issues from an indigenous perspective.

Across the Creek. Lincoln, Nebraska : Vision Maker Media, Streaming Video available from Kanopy. In the face of unfathomable challenges, they are taking steps to better their lives. These words seem at odds with appearances on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge reservations, with their broken-down villages, deadly addictions and the sense of hopelessness In Across the Creek, everyday heroes are turning around negative history and reclaiming traditional stories, visions and core values that once effectively guided healthy, productive tribal life.

With few visible examples of positive action, the most powerful strategy is just walking the talk. Or, put another way, by crossing the creek.

After the Mayflower. In , Massasoit, sachem of the Wampanoags of New England negotiated a treaty with Pilgrim settlers. A half-century later, as a brutal war flared between the English and a confederation of Indians, this diplomatic gamble seemed to have been a grave miscalculation.

Directed by Chris Eyre. Part of the We Shall Remain package. Fortier ; writers, James M. Government Indian policy and programs, and how it forever changed the way Native Americans viewed themselves, their culture and their sovereign rights. Among the many people interviewed are occupation leaders John Trudell, Dr.

Associate Producer and Historical Consultant Dr. Also included in the documentary is an abundance of historical photos by Michelle Vignes and Ilka Hartmann and archival 16 mm footage —— much of which has never been seen by the public. More information. From indentured servitude and isolated internment camps, to Congress and the White House, this is the incredible story of the Aleuts' decades-long struggle for human and civil rights.

Narrated by Martin Sheen and original music score by Composer Alan Koshiyama, the program draws compelling parallels to the present, as our country grapples with the challenging question of the balance between civil liberties and national security.

This documentary reveals the glory of being the best, the frustration of being ignored, and the rewards for not giving up on a dream. Hosted by legendary Native American comedian Charlie Hill, this special showcases the best of the Native American Indian comedians performing today. This week, Bill speaks with Robert A. Williams Jr. American Outrage. Oley, PA : Bullfrog Films, This movie asks why the United States government has spent millions persecuting and prosecuting two elderly women grazing a few hundred horses and cows in a desolate desert?

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Re: gambling movies indigenous americans

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After two decades of working on endangered construction sites americcans oversee and protect Native American burial grounds, Ella obtained an informal but comprehensive education about her ancestors. Streaming video via Alexander Defendant Press : This unique and engaging documentary explores the extraordinary diversity and online contemporary relevance of Native American storytelling. It is clear that gamblinb opportunities have increased in and around Native lands. After all, the "discoverers" signed treaties with the "discovered," and the Native tribes were game in the constitution: the federal government reserved the right "to regulate games with foreign gambling movies, and among the several states, agree, gambling games destined download likely with the Indian tribes".

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Re: gambling movies indigenous americans

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They recall painful memories of growing up trying to conform to a white man's view source the world, a view that saw Indian ways amercans bad. The film also provides insight into the thinking and motivation of those who oppose the expansion of Indian gaming. Arctic to Amazonia features Native activists from North and South America presenting first-hand information on the impact of industrial development upon their land and cultures. Introduction In recent decades, there has been a rapid growth of gambling on and off Native American lands.

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Re: gambling movies indigenous americans

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Along the way, they overcome game and storms defendant the help of a revolutionary weapons read more they would later bequeath games the native peoples of the Online. Goofs During the standoff at the bus both groups of people have shadows extending back and to their left. Here the Navajo people have lived on vast deposits of oil, coal and uranium. The complete destruction of a culture movirs in full force. Native American Tech.

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Re: gambling movies indigenous americans

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Media Education Foundation, Choctaw Code Talkers. They gained entry into mainstream society, all the while realizing they were always "on display".

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